About me

It is silly that anxiety isn’t listed as a reason to take CBD, since it works incredibly well at reducing it. For me, it simply takes away my anxiety completely. It is incredible. It doesn’t necessarily make you feel relaxed, and certainly doesn’t make you high or anything, it just makes you not anxious anymore. I haven’t noticed any side effects or anything either. This is why I made this blog to share my story and why I take CBD every day.

CBD from hemp is legal in most countries because research has shown that it brings a lot of benefits to the human body. The biggest advantage of hemp is that it is weakly concentrated in TCH and other components that give cannabis its psychoactive effects.

In place of TCH, hemp has a higher concentration of cannabinoids, which can be of great help to the body. Studies have shown that CBD found in hemp is able to cure many diseases and health problems, including anxiety.

How can CBD help treat anxiety?

Excessive anxiety for no particular reason affects more than 5% of the French population, and can be very complicated to manage. Several studies on the use of CBD to treat anxiety have shown that CBD increases synaptic brain responses and serotonin levels.

While stress is something that people try to avoid, it is a normal and important reaction of the body to a certain situation. Stress helps us cope with threats to our security. These answers play a vital role in helping people to recognize and prevent a possible danger. It is stress that motivates the person to react to improve their situation (improve a relationship, pay bills, work harder etc.). But some are not able to properly manage these natural responses, and these can become a nuisance and negatively affect the relationships and productivity of the person. They can thus lead to the clinical diagnosis of health problems related to anxiety.

How can CBD help treat anxiety?

From animal studies, it has been shown that CBD can relieve many of the common anxiety-related disorders, including acute stress and social phobia.

Brazilian scientists conducted a study on patients with generalized social anxiety. Participants noted a noticeable drop in anxiety after consuming CBD. The researchers then validated patients’ subjective reports through brain scans showing a consistent cerebral blood flow, so without anxiety.

During further research, scientists have tested patients with social anxiety disorders. These patients were asked to simulate speaking in public. They noted an extremely low level of anxiety after taking CBD treatment. These findings are based on actual anxiety symptoms, and supported by medical tests, such as blood pressure and heart rate. The researchers concluded that CBD significantly reduces cognitive impairments, anxiety, and the discomfort experienced when speaking in public.